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Chace Strickland
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Chace Strickland
Chace Strickland has become a much-requested commercial director, known for his empathetic, character-driven films marked by gorgeous photography and authentic portrayals that resonate deeply and honestly with his audience. Combined with a storyteller’s gift for narrative, and a command of visual aesthetic both impactful and true to life, Chace’s work is lauded for its signature blend of authenticity, beauty, and unerring realism.

Fast forward through an impressive stint at NY/LA’s top prod cos including, Atherton Films, Backyard Productions, Company Films...Chace now heads up his own shop, Martini TV: a full-service, boutique production company that crafts authentic, beautiful award-winning advertising for broadcast and digital platforms, across every category from lifestyle, family, tourism, to pharma, and food/beverage.

Martini serves agencies, businesses, comms professionals, and anyone else who needs their campaign launched, brand positioned, or their story told. He’s a bit humbled and extremely proud to have delivered award-winning campaigns for global brands including AT&T, Budweiser, Disney, Marriott, Pepsi, Verizon, and Pfizer.

Chace lives in Birmingham, AL with his wife, two dogs...and two kids who keep coming home on weekends.
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